Values Deck – Two Decks in One!

Core values are important for every person, team, organization, and family. Finally, here is a tool to help clarify, prioritize, and harness the energy of values.

Use the Road to Resilience™ Values Deck by yourself, with clients, or a group to become more aware of values and their importance in decision-making.

Values Deck Box - Top from 2-25-14 pdf - cropThe Values Deck was designed as a multi-purpose tool that can be used in several ways. It comes with a booklet describing various exercises and activities. Perfect for:

  • Engaging in a creative process for values clarification
  • Teams involved in strategic planning and culture change
  • Exploring development opportunities from a positive perspective
  • Resolving conflict with a meaningful, win-win approach
  • Facilitating difficult decision-making
  • Adding a fun, versatile new tool to the learning environment!

The Values Deck recently won the 2013 Coaching Toys “Big Life Big Action” Product Award. This award recognizes products that help people move forward both personally and professionally – reach for more and take big action.

“I love your values cards.  I shared them with my young daughter and it was great to see the values she already holds for herself. Our activity and conversation gave me a better understanding of her.  I also found a value I had not really recognized in myself: “responsibility.” I am such a responsible person and have little tolerance for others who do not show this value. Not that I can acknowledge and own my value around responsibility, I’m hoping to be able to let go of my attachment to it when others don’t show it to the same extent.” ~Susan J. Fereday, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, Agency Field Executive

“As a coach, I take my clients through a values exercise as part of creating awareness and using the  Values Cards makes this process more fun and thorough.  I even carry the cards with me when I am traveling and have used them with people I meet – one person purchased a coaching package after we completed a short exercise using the cards. Thanks Margie for creating these.” ~Vikki G. Brock, Ph.D., EMBA, Master Certified Coach, Professional Mentor Coach


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