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This is the tool you’ve always wanted to use with clients to leverage values in personal and leadership development, strategic planning, high performance teamwork, or optimizing organizational effectiveness. The cards won the 2013 Coaching Toys “Big Life Big Action” Product Award.¬†This award recognizes products that help people move forward both personally and professionally – reach for more and take big action.

I’m passionate about helping people discover and live more fully into their core values. I have seen the positive difference it makes and am inspired by each experience and results story my executive coaching clients share.

There is so much to learn about values and that is my intention for this blog: To continue to delve into and share the rich knowledge that values can reveal.

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My wish is that through this site, you will find a source for creative and innovative ways to think about values, to help you and others in your world to become more aligned with what is uniquely and essentially important. I welcome not only other coaches and consultants, but anyone wanting to gain clarity about their own values, team leaders, HR and OD Professionals, strategic planning facilitators, senior leaders, and families.

“I love the Values Cards. I shared them with my young daughter and it was great to see what she already knows about herself. Our conversation gave me a better understanding of her. I also discovered a value I had not really recognized in myself: ‘responsibility.’ I am such a responsible person and have little tolerance for others who do not show this value. Now that I can acknowledge my value around responsibility, I’m hoping to be able to let go of my attachment to it when others don’t show it. I already loaned the deck to a co-worker and have ordered more so I can share them with others.” ~S. J. Fereday, Executive

In case you don’t yet have a Values Deck or need more for each person or team member you work with, visit our online SHOP.

Values Deck — only $24.95

Values Deck Box - Top from 2-25-14 pdf - crop



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